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Choosing the perfect home is a big decision. You want one that's the right size, style and fit for your current life situation. Likewise, you want a bank that will offer personalized options to fit your unique needs.

At Starion Financial, we size up your plans and craft a loan to give you the best rate and term that suit you over time. We lend for homes, cabins and investment properties. We also provide refinancing so you can benefit from rate changes.

Fixed Rate Mortgages
If you want the certainty of knowing your interest for the course of your  loan, a fixed rate mortgage gives you that stability. Your loan can be a conventional, government VA or FHA fixed-rate loan.
Adjustable Rate Loans
Adjustable Rate Mortgages offer an initial lower interest rate. The rate will be adjusted to match current market rates at the end of the initial loan term and adjust annually thereafter.
Lot Construction
When you are having a home built, this loan is designed for the special needs you'll encounter with new home construction.
Bridge Loans
If you're buying or building a new home, a bridge loan lets  you complete the purchase and closing process before you sell your current home. It's a short-term financing tool which is expected to be paid back relatively quickly.
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